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Coming Up. July 30, 2007

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Well, where to start! there is so much coming up in the next month.. I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

photo-13.jpg click me.

So August 8th Momentum cycling and myself this time fly back east towards the town of Allentown. Its a fun place to go. people are strange… But I think thats because everyone is so into bikes…and we all know people into there bikes are a little crazy!! ha ha. No kidding… it because I’m not used to a small town.. I have always lived in a city… but for the next month I will be small town living it!

So my first part of this trip like I said in in PA.. and will consist of 4 different race evenings. alternating Sprint, keirin, Sprint, Keirin.. this racing will be a little different then the past weekend in San Jose.. Erin Hartwell ( track director in PA) is brining in some very big competition!! not fun for someone in my boat… The Australians , the dutch some younger British and again Italy!!

This should make for some very fast exciting and aggressive racing.

Then onto Moncton New Brunswick for the Canadian national championships.. Where last year i came away with Gold, silver and bronze. this year should be exciting because I know everyone is gunning for me… and I hope that I can preform to my standards and give these boys a race they are excited about!!

sprint-final5.jpg sprint-final.jpg sprints.jpg click me.

And also who knows I have been looking up some hotels to try and find the best deals…and let me tell you everyone must like NB…. because every hotel is over $100!!! oh and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are playing a concert… maybe I will hit that up!!

well enjoy, I posted a link of where I will be… check it out.. let me know all your comments.


TREXLERTOWN, PA,-75.624733&spn=0.071744,0.160675&z=13&om=1&layer=t

MONCTON, NB.,+NB,+Canada&daddr=&sll=46.097132,-64.770112&sspn=0.016368,0.040169&ie=UTF8&ll=46.097311,-64.773202&spn=0.016367,0.040169&t=h&z=15&om=1


5 Responses to “Coming Up.”

  1. Scott Says:

    Tim and Faith put on a pretty good show. Saw it here in Atlanta.


  2. Jimbo Says:

    Hey buddy,

    Sounds like your hip is doing well and that’s awesome… But according to that top picture, you might be experiencing some fluid retention around the jowels. Good luck my friend!

  3. jo's kim Says:

    hey trav, all the best to you guys… u guys can do it. pls help me take care of my guy? 🙂 thx…oh btw, that video was hillarious… esp the part with his mouth gaped.

  4. Marcela Says:

    I know you, you dont know me… lol

    I saw you here in Brazil last year. I am Brazilian and I was at the hotel in Sao Paulo with Sarah and Beck (from the US) the last weekend you guys stayed here. I dont know if you remember.. lol..
    Check my blog if you like…

    Good luck in the races..


  5. jo's kim Says:

    ok i’ve just tagged you. check out my blog at i’m sure you had some childhood ambitions besides being a cyclist right?

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