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T-Town. August 17, 2007

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Ok, So I told you I was coming to Trexlertown PA… in the middle of nowhere for 4 great UCI races which all have points that qualify you for the Olympic Games next year in Beijing.


The first One was a Keirin event… which we all now how good I am at those!! BROKEN PELVIS!! so in the first Ride Round one… i was doing alright until two riders got all tangled up and almost crashed infront of me. I was like HELL no I can’t crash yet! and freaked out!! So if you dont make it in that round there is a Rep for the LOSERS! So in this ride I was alot more comfortable… i think i just really needed to get a good rough ride under the belt to show me things will be fine! but I still lost and didnt make it through to the semi finals.

Then we raced again on this past Tue which was a UCI sprint and Team Sprint event. I said to myself 1month ago when i rode a 12.0 f200m… that I was going to do a 10.9 next time im here. It was a big task… but I felt if i could do that Im really not that far off of where I need to be.

So it was my turn to go and I did a 10.996…. WOW in one month 1.1 seconds off! and now not too far from where I need to be. After all riders went I was placed 13th in a world class feild of Aussies, Dutch, Great Britain and some Italians!

My first ride was against Dan Ellis of Australia. And Im sure his coach told him ” ride rough” lets see if he will back down. This guy almost crashed me. I was leaning on him so hard that I wouldn’t hit the boards at the top of the track. Again I lost this ride but one huge thing was I didnt back down to the challenge! Later in that morning session Myself and my team mates had the Team Sprint. We went and set a fast time of 1:03.39 qualifing us 1st for the finals against the straond Australian team… later in the evening.

That Night, we were the last event MOMENTUM CYCLING against AUSTRALIA our first real test. bang the gun goes we are off! after all is done Momentum WINS!! 1:03.0 and Australia 1:04.0. great test, great ride for me and My team.

Now today we race keirins again! woohoo. But this time im more comfortable so I plan on making it through to the evening rides. Also after we beat the Aussies on tue they came up to us with a $300 bet plus the $300 win and our $300 bet!! that they will beat us this time. I would say we have our work cut out for us today! there team is Mark French starting, Ryan Bayley second and Scott Sunderland 3rd man! very strong team. So todays big test will be the Re Match against the aussie in the team sprint.

wish us luck and I will update on what happens,





4 Responses to “T-Town.”

  1. Jen Triplett Says:

    Um, how did you fit your mouth around that hamburger? I laughed out loud when I saw that one. That in itself should win you some races. 🙂

  2. Laurie Says:

    Holy Crap!! that is the biggest burger I have ever seen 🙂

  3. mom smith Says:

    If you eat that burger you will be in the bathroom for a week.

  4. Deputy Brad Says:

    Play tough you can DO IT!!

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